Pillowcase Large Light Blue with Beige Stripes


70cm x 50cm

100% Linen Pillowcase
(without filling)

Made from a beautiful antique hand-woven hemp or linen grain sack from Europe. These grain sacks were originally produced on European farms, to bring the grains to the mill. Each sack has a unique pattern of stripes because farmers wanted to be able to identify their own sacks. These family farm markings would ensure the sacks would be returned to the rightful owner.

These textiles are by nature Eco-Friendly and their average age is 100 years. They were naturally home grown, home retted and woven by hand. These sacks are being re-cycled today and showing off the extreme craftmanship of past generations!

These pillowcases are all unique pieces, so irregularities in color & fabric are normal & wanted.

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