Jerrie Caramel

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Jerrie - it's in the details. A knee length, long sleeved dress, the fit is relaxed. It comes with an additional D-ring belt which is intended to be worn on the waist to create a feminine silhoutte. It has a turtle neck that can be adjusted with a horizontal button neck opening. There are little buttons around the sleeve, just before the wrist to create shape in the wide fit sleeves. The caramel colour is perfect for autumn. This is one of our REFIBRA items - soft to touch, creating a feminine drape.

REFIBRA™ uses  recycled cotton scraps and blends them with wood pulp to create the fiber we then use in our garments. This process uses almost zero water and energy, and thus operates in a closed loop.
As well as being a high ranker on the sustainable materials chart, REFIBRA™ has the same traits of TENCEL™ - it is lightweight and allows your skin to breathe. It has a feminine drape, and does not wrinkle. The fibers in the material absorb moisture efficiently, so less need to wash your garments so they will last you a lot longer.

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